बुधबार, मंसिर १३, २०८०

Absence of agro fresh house mars farmers

Mustang, Feb 17: Farmers have been in trouble in absence of agro products collection centre at Kunjo VDC of Mustang district. Farmers voiced complaints that they are facing problem with their agro and fruit products rotten before sending them to market for sale.

Though distant from district headquarters Beni, Kunjo VDC has been a pocket area for the produce of apple and vegetable items. “said Tek Bahadur Thakali, a senior farmer. Potato production is also good in all wards of the VDC. “Though the road excavation is on it is not reliable. The agro produce if kept at house would probably be rotten. Therefore a fresh house is a must”, Thakali added. Heeding the demand of the farmers, the district agriculture development office has allocated Rs 600,000 for the construction of fresh house in Kunjo this year, said senior district agriculture officer, Rajaram Adhikari.

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