बिहिबार, फाल्गुन १७, २०८०

Jha came with an interim order to evade the case of submission of fake documents

Kathmandu. The case of corruption is under the authority. Sanjiv Jha, the General Manager of Dairy Development Corpration , has returned to the office with an interim order from the same court while the case of submitting the experience certificate and other documents while he was the General Manager is pending in the court.

Jha, who has been embroiled in controversy ever since he came as the general manager of the Dairy Development corporation , defied the order given by the board to pay the dues of the farmers and did not pay the farmers.

Jha has been accused of spending the amount of milk sold by the institute for personal purposes.

Jha, who went to the court to get a stay order, went to the institute to appear on the 14th of January, after writing to the ministry to come to the ministry as an expert to solve the problem of milk by keeping silent about the countless mistakes he has made to drown the institute.


They have also succeeded in using some media to hide their mistakes and to hide the financial irregularities within the institute by abusing the position of Jha. But Jha has made dozens of wrong decisions to sink the Dairy Development Institute. According to sources, the institute is dying to hide its wrong decisions.


The employee organizations have failed to block the entry of the general manager who came with an interim order from the court. Even though Jha’s tenure was only about 2 months, he was again in the race to become the general manager. The latest developments have blocked the way for Jha to become the general manager again. Although he did not become a general manager, his desire to work again in his old position is over.


As the financial embezzlement file in the Authority Misuse Investigation Commission and the documents submitted by Kirte to become the General Manager are under consideration by the court, there are signs that Jha will leave the Dairy Development Institute in a sour manner.

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