बिहिबार, फाल्गुन १७, २०८०

Court order to suspend acting executive director of NARC

Kathmandu. The High Court has issued an interim order to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development not to employ Dr. Dhruvaraj Bhattarai, the Executive Director of the Nepal Agricultural Research Council.

About 7 months ago, Bhattarai, who was at the 40th position, was appointed executive director by Agriculture Minister Dr. Beduram Bhusal, after removing 39 senior employees.

After Minister Bhusal appointed Bhattarai as Acting director against the rules, a writ was filed against him in the High Court for an interim order.

Bhattarai, who was ranked 40th against the Nepal Agricultural Research Council and Staff Administration Regulation 2049, was dismissed based on the minister’s order.

That was not enough, after Minister Beduram Bhusal appointed the executive director, who was appointed once again, on 23rd January 2080, there was a court case demanding that the executive director of the Agricultural Research Council should not work.

he single bench of the High Court, Judge Hariprasad Paudel, heard the case on January 8 and issued an interim order to the Kamu Executive Director Bhattarai not to work.

प्रकाशित मिति: मङ्लबार, माघ ९, २०८०