आइतवार, मंसिर २४, २०८०

Import of Indian fruits increases with the chhath festival drawing closer

Gaushala, Oct. 26: Import of Indian fruits has increased in Mahottari district with the Chhath festival drawing closer.  Import increased as more fruits is consumed during the festival, said the Mahottari Fruits Entrepreneurs Association.  In Mahottari, apples from Kashmir, pomegranates from Nasik in Maharastra, India, and bananas from Hajipur of Bihar are imported during the festival, say traders. According to the Main Customs Office at Malibara, upto ten trucks of fruits are now brought from India as against two to three trucks in the past.

            Fruits imported from this point go as far away as Mahottari, Janakpur, Sindhuli and Lahan of Siraha, say traders. However, no special contribution has been made in revenue even if the import increased, the Customs Office said. As no customs is charged in fruits, only Rs. 18,000 per truck is charged as Agriculture Reform Fee.  Fruit wholesale traders said as no fruits are found in the country as per the demand and as there is no road for transport, import is natural. During Chhath, sugarcane and various fruits, turmeric, sweets, bananas, and ginger is mostly sold in the Mithila region. These items are sold mainly in Matihani, Pipara, Gaushala, Ramgopalpur, Samsi, and Aurahi.Traders said such goods worth Rs. 50,000 are sold daily as against Rs. 25, 000 last year.-Krishi Weekly

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