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Flower production decreases by 66.5 percent in Gundu

Bhaktapur, Oct 23: Though the production of Makhamali flower (Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button) has decreased this year by 66.5 per cent, Gundu VDC in Bhaktapur district sold flowers worth more than 10 million.The VDC alone had sold the Makhamali flower worth more than Rs 30 million last year. In course of monitoring the floriculture by the Local Development Fund of the District Development Committee on Wednesday, farmers expressed concern over deceasing of flower production. The Village Development Programme of the Fund has been promoting floriculture and assisting for the same.

Sarita Kunwar of Gundu-8, who is involved in floriculture for the past seven years, said the flower production has decreased all of sudden this year.Around 700 families of Gundu VDC have been involved in commercial floriculture and flower is produced in around 700 ropanis of land in the VDC.On the occasion, Fund Coordinator Rajan Sharma assured of making arrangement of providing training and providing improved seeds to farmers. Krishi Weekly

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