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Small tea farmers agitate

 Banyani (Jhapa) Oct. 26: Small tea farmers are agitated as a tea processing factory of Jhapa fixed green tea price willfully against earlier agreement. The Haldibari Tea Processing Pvt. Ltd. at Haldibari- 2 Jhapa fixed Rs. 2- Rs. 4 per kg of green tea without informing the tea farmers for the past two weeks, which has created the problem.  Cost of tea per kg reaches Rs. 7.50 when transported to factory, and the rate fixed by the factory has hit the farmers hard, said a farmer Ishwor Dahal.

Member of the small farmers and Jhapa tea entrepreneur Saroj Bimali said there is no abiding by the agreement between tea farmers and processing factory, it has been fixed willfully since August, which is not in the interest of the farmers. The National Tea and Coffee Development Board, Jhapa is fixing the rate every week as per the rate of the green tea in Indian tea factories.Farmers have also sloganeered at the factory demanding appropriate price. The tea factory is run by Sanghai Group.-Krishi Weekly

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