मङ्लबार, जेष्ठ १६, २०८०

Potatoes worth tens of millions of rupees destroyed by rains

Bhaktapur, Oct. 16: Off-season potato crops cultivated by farmers of Bhaktapur have been destroyed by heavy rains until two days ago.

Potatoes were destroyed in 200 ropanis of land in the district by rain at a time of harvesting.

Potatoes started rotting in the field after water was accumulated in the crop in harvest time, farmers said. It was destroyed in Tathali, Sudal, Bageswori, Sipadol, Nankhel, Chhaling and Chittapol VDCs.

Chittapol farmer Krishnaraj Thapa said his potato crop grown instead of growing maize started to rot and even if harvested it can not be stopped from rotting.

Bhaktapur farmers are selling potatoes worth Rs. 10 million from their maize and millet fields and had targeted to sell them worth Rs. 15 million this year.  Potatoes are rotting and we have to sell at cheap rates due to rains, said farmer Rajendra Thapa.

The rain has also destroyed paddy crop as paddy plants have fallen to ground due to rains.  The falling plant will not give yield, said a Duwakot farmer Ramhari Neupane.

Farmers have estimated that some 40 percent paddy was destroyed due to hailstones and heavy rains in Bhaktapur.

प्रकाशित मिति: बिहिबार, अशोज ३०, २०७१