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Subsistence farming should be changed into commercial:minister-parajuli

download (1)Kathmandu, Oct. 15: Minister for Agriculture Development Hari Prasad Parajuli has said the existing subsistence farming should be converted into commercial agriculture. At a two-day national support seminar organized by the High Mountain Agri- Business and Livelihood Improvement Project, he said Nepal could not progress as expected in agriculture sector as it could not move ahead in commercial system of agriculture. He said there is a need to transform into commercial system from the subsistence agriculture to change the agricultural country’s status as developing country from least-developed country. Minister Parajuli said the HIMALI project launched to target the remote Himalayan region should make important cooperation in the development of target classes and communities. Agriculture Secretary Jayamukund Khanal said the project should bring smiles in the faces of general public in the Himalayan districts, and added the 50 percent physical progress, and only 22 percent financial progress shows that expected success has not been achieved in the four years of the project.

            National Planning Commission (NPC) Member Bharatendu Mishra said   the government has arranged budget by giving high priority to agriculture, and urged to correctly implement the budget. HIMALI project Director Dr. Amar Shah, Agriculture Entrepreneurship Centre Executive Officer Pradip Maharjan, and Agriculture Entrepreneurship Centre Chairperson Bhawani Rana said the success of HIMALI will make the people feel development. The seminar will run until tomorrow. Krishi Weekly


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