बिहिबार, चैत्र १६, २०७९

Safe use of pesticides stressed

Kavrepalanchowk : National Farmers’ Commission (NFC) chair Chitra Bahadur Shrestha has said there is a dream of totally stopping the use of pesticides to protect soil fertility and human health. In his address to a gathering of farmers at Banepa today, the first day of the ‘No Pesticide Use Week-2075 BS’, he was of the view that it was the responsibility of one and all to contribute to protect soil fertility and human health through the production of pesticide-free agriculture products.
The Week was organised by the Plant Quarantine and Pesticide Management Center, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock; and the Agriculture Knowledge Center Kavrepalanchowk. “The use of harmful chemicals on agriculture has mainly caused serious health impact on women and children,” he said, calling upon farmers to choose the use of safe pesticides and chemical fertilizer for sustainability of soil quality and for sound human health. As he said, the government is passing the pesticide bill and the support from entire farmer community is vital to make the government campaign to double the production by the next five years which would help strengthen nation’s economy.
Presenting data about the import of pesticides, he said the country annually imports 600 tons of pesticides from China and India and some 300 thousand people die every year across the world due to consequences of pesticides use. He described the situation as ‘horrific one’. Lack of public awareness and realisation about its consequences had its role in rampant use of pesticides. “We have to lose many things if we failed to take measures to minimise its use.”
Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Ishwar Raj Rijal said protection of soil fertility and human health from the consequences of pesticides use would be easier if farmers themselves got ready to lessen the use of pesticides.
Agriculture Knowledge Center, Kavrepalanchowk chief Krishna Bhadra Adhikari cited that the haphazard use of pesticides had been a really challenge in maintaining quality of agro products. Prior to this, a rally was organised in Banepa area. The theme of the rally was ‘nutrition security and food purity; need of agriculture free from harmful pesticides”.

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