सोमवार, अशोज ८, २०८०

Agro produce collection centers in Palpa are of no use

krishilogoPalpa, Jan 27: Agro produce collection centers set up in over 50 locations in the district by spending millions of rupees have remained unused. The centers established for the convenience of farmers and buyers are now of no use. Such centers have been set up at multiple locations including Dobhan, Dumre, Jaharepipal, Nayapati, Chuchchepati, Aryabhanjyang, Ramdi, Agahakhola, Bansatir, Materi by the District Agricultural Development Office.
But farmers have not been bringing their produce to the collection centers as they have started directly transporting the produces to the market in Tansen and Butwal, said the Office. Though such centers are equipped with advanced weighing machines and the Nayapati-based two-story center is fully computerized, they remain unused.

प्रकाशित मिति: शुक्रबार, माघ १४, २०७३