बिहिबार, मंसिर २१, २०८०

Over 3,000 cattle dead in Jajarkot

krishilogoJajarkot, Nov. 1: The outbreak of infectious peste des petits ruminants (PPR) disease has claimed over 3,000 cattle, mostly goats, in Jajarkot district. Over a dozen of VDCs in the northern belt in the district are affected from the outbreak of PPR, also known as goat plague. The local farmers have expressed their dissatisfaction over the oblivious of the stakeholders to contain the disease on animals. The disease has gone out of control in Paik, Talegau, Archhani, Pajaru, Majkot, Daha, Kortang, Garkhakot, Nayakbada, Rokayagaun, Ramidanda and other areas, killing thousands of goats and sheep. The local residents said that the disease that was started one and a half months ago from Paik village has not been brought under control as yet.

The farmers said that they have faced a huge loss from the death of the cattle and have urged the District Livestock Office to take steps to contain the disease. Likewise, veterinary technician at the Office, Ratna Bahadur Dangi, said that some 15,000 units of PPR vaccines have arrived in the district and the teams have been deployed in the affected areas. He added that the office has faced difficulties to send the teams in some affected areas due to lack of sufficient officials.

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