आइतवार, जेष्ठ १३, २०८१

More animals insured in Jhapa

krishilogoDamak, Aug. 30: The farmers in Jhapa district paid Rs 130 million in insurance premium of their livestock in the last fiscal year. The District Livestock Office said that a total of 2,955 cattle including 2,002 cows were insured during the period in the district. Likewise, animals being insured include buffaloes, goats, swine and others. The premium collected from the insurance of animals comes highest from the cows with slightly more than Rs 5.3 million.

The Office said that more farmers are attracted to livestock insurance after the government started to provide grants in crop and livestock insurance scheme. Likewise, the farmers were provided with Rs 1.7 million plus in compensation in the district during the period after the animals insured in fiscal year 2070/71 BS died. The government is providing up to 75 per cent grant in livestock insurance to reduce the economic burden of farmers in case of animals’ death and to encourage the farmers in animal husbandry.

प्रकाशित मिति: आइतवार, भदौ १३, २०७२