बिहिबार, बैशाख ६, २०८१

Over 150 thousand cattle and fowls killed in quake

cowKathmandu, May 13: One hundred sixty-eight thousand seven hundred forty-eight cattle and fowls perished throughout the country in the April 25 devastating earthquake. These include 8031 big cattle (cows and buffaloes), 14 thousand 495 sheep and goats and 147 thousand 222 fowls including ducks, the Animal Health Directorate stated.

The damage due to the death of this many cattles and fowls has been estimated at Rs 627.74 million, spokesperson at the Directorate Dr Umesh Dahal said. According to the Directorate, 163 thousand 900 eggs were destroyed alone in Bhaktapur after electricity supply was cut off following the earthquake. Similarly, 45,000 eggs were destroyed by the quake at hundreds of hatcheries in Kathmandu.

Twenty-three thousand and seventy-eight cowsheds were damaged by the quake in Gorkha district, it is stated.Dahal said the exact figures of the deaths of animals and fowls caused by the Tuesday’s earthquake has not been received yet and the loss caused by this in terms of money cannot be given at this moment. He said the figures of the additional losses caused by the latest aftershock would be given when the data arrives.

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