आइतवार, जेष्ठ १३, २०८१

Farmers elated over resumption of Kalkatta bazaar

Kanchanpur, Oct 19: The resumption of a local Kalkatta bazaar, closed for five years, has brought happiness to the farmers from southern Belauri municipality of Kanchanpur district.  The farmers can now sell and buy the agro products easily at the bazaar. The Kalkatta bazaar management committee had opened the bazaar a decade back, but it was closed for five years for lack of effective management. The bazaar has now been resumed with the assistance of USAid. A farmer Amar Singh Rana said with the reopening of the market, they were easily selling and buying the agricultural products, including vegetable, fish and fresh meat items. “As the market was remained closed for five years, many farmers left cultivating for vegetables and keeping fish, but, now they resumed their farming and business,” he added. Another farmer Kaluram Chaudhari said the businesspersons would get a lot of profit because they can buy local products with 10 percent discount reaching at fields. It is said the weekly transaction at the Kalkatta bazaar reaches nearly Rs one million. krishi weekly



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