बुधबार, जेष्ठ १६, २०८१

rice transplantation only 78 % so far, production to come down

Kathmandu, Aug. 14: The Ministry of Agriculture Development has said so far only 78 percent of rice transplantation has been completed in the country. Transplantation was 20 percent less this year as compared to last year due to lack of rain in time. Mainly rice plantation starts in Nepal in the Nepali month of Asar (June – July) and ends in Saun (July-August). It has been completed so far in 14 districts in high hilly districts, 39 in mid hill and 20 districts in Terai.

               Last year, it was completed in 98 percent and 1,486,000 hectares of land and produced 5,200,000 metric tonnes of paddy, but 900,000 metric tonnes of rice was imported. Production will decrease as compared to last year and quality will also be deteriorated, said Ministry Joint Spokesperson Tek Prasad Luintel. -krishi weekly

प्रकाशित मिति: बुधबार, साउन २८, २०७१