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Khotang farmer earns Rs750,000 annually from fruit saplings

Khotang, Aug. 9:  A farmer in Khotang district has made more than Rs 750,000 income from selling fruit sapling. Ram Nidhi Acharya, 54, of Yamkha VDC in the district earns over Rs 750,000 annually by selling fruit saplings from his nursery. Acharya, established a nursery in 10 ropani land and produces saplings of various species of fruits from which he has earned a decent life for his family besides making a good saving.

Acharya said, “I was nearly giving up this job, as I could not make better income at the beginning but continued it. These days, people visit my nursery from different places to buy fruit and green vegetables saplings including orange, pomegranate, asparagus, lemon, and guava.”  “Generally, people pay Rs 20 to 50 per sapling visiting at the nursery and I have not hard times for marketing of produces,” he shared. Some locals have also followed Acharya’s suit after the profession seemed easy and better means of income. He said, “There is no need to go abroad for jobs if there is zeal to work at home.”

Acharya has been awarded by various agricultural organizations in the district and the District Agricultural Development Office for promoting agriculture in the village. RSS

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