Production of cinnamon leaves booms in Palpa

Jan 11 • English News

Palpa, Jan 11: Production of cinnamon leaves has increased in the district with farmers opting for commercial cultivation of the cinnamon lately, claimed the District Forest Office.
A total of 1 million 181 thousand 835 kilograms of cinnamon leaves and peels (993,711 kilograms of cinnamon leaves and 188,124 kilograms of peels) have been exported to India from the district in the fiscal year 2015/16, said Rama Shrestha, section officer of the DFO.
Earlier in the last FY, Rs 50 million 465 thousand 400 worth of the spicy plant leaves were exported to India while Rs 10 million 881 thousand 200 worth of its peels.
Koldanda, Dobhan, Jhadewa, Gothadi, Satyawati, Baldegadhi and Bhuvanpokhari VDCs are the places where farmers have grown the spicy plant in community and private forests.
Each kilogram of cinnamon leaves fetches Rs 50 to Rs 55 in the local market while same amount of its peels is bought for Rs 80 to Rs 100.
Local people said many farmers have started growing cinnamon trees lately for it gives good profit.

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