शनिबार, बैशाख ८, २०८१

NARC starts research on developing aromatic rice

Lalitpur, May : Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) has started research on developing aromatic rice species after the demand for such rice started to rise.
The Agricultural Science Division under NARC has so far not recommended any seed of aromatic paddy species for farmers in the hilly region.
Atit Parajuli, an agricultural scientist who works at the Rice Section under the Division, said that the demand for aromatic rice grains has grown in recent years for use in feasts on the occasion of wedding, bratabandha (the sacred thread ceremony), gatherings, meetings and get-together.
“Aromatic rice has not been produced in the hilly areas so far,” he said. NARC has been till now recommending the seeds of coarse grain and fine grain paddy.
He added that they were conducting research regarding how the production of aromatic species of paddy would fare in the soil and climatic condition of the hilly region.
The National Rice Research Programme at Hardinath of Janakpur has already recommended the seeds of aromatic paddy species fit for growing in the Tarai region.
At present aromatic rice is imported from India to meet the market demand.

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