शुक्रबार, बैशाख ७, २०८१

“Be diligent, Help yourself and be cooperate with the community”

Dr. Hwa Seak Hwang


Kyungpook National  University, Korea  

We would like to welcome you in Nepla. Could you  please briefly highlight the objective of the visit ?

First of all, our team came to Nepal to build strong partnerships on Smart Farming Project with Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Nepal and promote friendly relations with interested parties. We strongly believe that we can spread Korea’s advanced agricultural technology to Nepal through the Public Private Partnership Project on Smart Farming.

How we can understand SMART FARM ? And why it is important ?

We found that agriculture provides livelihoods for about 70% of Nepal’s population. But, Nepal is very vulnerable to climate change and farmers have limited access to improved seeds and new technologies. That is why we want to bring smart farming to Nepal. Smart Farming is adopting Korea’s advanced agricultural technology/sustainable farming systems to Nepal that best suit Nepali Agriculture. I By adopting smart farming, it makes agriculture more profitable for the farmers and help them manage & keep track of harvest information in real-time.

In your view , how we can strengthen the relationship between Nepal and south Korea ?

I believe building partnerships between Korea & Nepal in several sectors is the priority. Based on the partnerships, we can increase information  & personnel exchange. In this connection, I would like to introduce our KOICA-KNU Master Degree Program(One of the Scholarship program funded by KOICA) here. Through this program, we could have many promising international students in Kyungpook National University and we could meet Arun G C who is currently coordinating smart farming project in Nepal. Hope many programs can be a great platform to build a strong connection between Korea & Nepal.

You are the expert in Saemaul Undong. So, do you think it is implementable in Nepal ? and will it benefit NepaL?

Saemaul undong is now international level of movement. And it is not difficult to start. Just remember the three slogans of Saemaul Undong. “Be diligent, Help yourself and be cooperate with the community.” These simple slogans encourage community members to participate in the development process.

You have visited Government farm in  lalitpur, so what is your perception ?

I found many technical issues in the farms in Lalitpur and I saw the possibility of the smart farming at the same time. With the well-managed land by government, we would like to prove the effectiveness of smart farming compared to general farming.

Finall, I would like to wish your pleasant stay in Nepal. And if your pleasant stay in Nepal. And if you have anything that you want to share with us?

It is my first trip to Nepal. I have so many good impression to Nepal and Nepali People. It is very honorable to do meaningful project with Nepal. I sincerely hope we can continuously develop more ideas & projects together to meet our common goals and interests.   By : Baikunth Bhandari

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