शनिबार, चैत्र ११, २०७९

Naumuthe, indigenous cow, disappearing

Achham, The Naumuthe cow, known as the world’s smallest cattle breed that is found only in Achham, Bajhang, Bajura and Doti districts in the Province 7, is on the verge of extinction in absence of conservation.
The animal of indigenous breed is called Naumuthe as it measures just nine closed fists (muthi) from its hoof to hump, District Livestock Services Office (DLSO) Achham’s veterinary doctor Jhanakdutta Dhungana said. The cow survives on little food is in the dire need of protection.
Naumuthe cows are available in some cattle farms in Pokhara. Farmers are not interested in rearing this breed of cow. It is in danger of extinction.
One Kalusingh Kunwar of Sanfe said the cow gives relatively more milk than food it consumes and proper caring increases production. Its milk is highly nutritious. The small-size cow normally weighs 150 kilogrammes and it gives 1 to 1.5 liters of milk which is comparatively more than the milk given by hybrid cow.
The DLSO data shows that the number of this cow is just 447 throughout the Achham district. Achham is the place of origin of this cow and its population was spread to other districts as well as after due to the culture of parents gifting the cow to their married daughters. Rearing of this cow is relatively easier. Its milk and urine is considered of medicinal value.

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