सोमवार, अशोज ८, २०८०

Chitwan produces potato worth Rs 880 million

Chitwan, April 19: The production of potatoes in Chitwan has been recorded at a whopping Rs 880 million this year in the district.
The potato farming in an expanse of 1,918 hectares of land produced 35,099 metric tonnes of potato, District Agriculture Development Office, Chitwan said.
Potatoes were sold for Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kilo in the district this year. Calculating the sales with average cost per kilo at Rs 25 shows the production worth touching on Rs 880 million, Horticulture Development Officer, Dhan Bahadur Thapa, said.
Thapa said that in the previous year, the profit generated from the production of 34,608 metric tons of potatoes planted in the same area of land was recorded at more than Rs 860 million.

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