आइतवार, फाल्गुन २०, २०८०

Developed seeds distributed to boost production

krishilogoGaighat (Udayapur), March 5: A new species of seeds has been distributed to maize farmers here in order to help them increase maize production from this season. Distribution of the new species of maize seeds has been initiated in the mid-hill and tarai region of the district with a grant of 75 per cent, according to crop development officer at the District Agriculture Development Office Ram Sewak Thakur. So far, 15 metric tons of maize seeds called ‘Rampur composite’ and ‘Arun II’ have been distributed to the farmers.

Seeds are presently being distributed from the DADO distribution centres in Rampur Thoksila, Beltar, Hadiya, Katari and Deuri of the district. The new species of seeds were developed by the agriculture centres in Chitwan and Rautahat. Maize is cultivated in some 17,390 hectares of land in the district, according to the Office.

प्रकाशित मिति: शनिबार, फाल्गुन २२, २०७२