शुक्रबार, बैशाख ७, २०८१

Agricultural Ministry comes up with plan of action

Kathmandu, Jan 27: The Ministry of Agricultural Development has forwarded the plan of action and comprehensive operational plans for the implementation of the 27-point commitment unveiled a month ago.
At a news conference on Wednesday, the Ministry said that National Agricultural Development Implementation Committee has been formed under the leadership of Agricultural Development Minister while preparations were going on for the formation of National Peasants Commission.
As per the plan of action, each one agricultural and veterinary technician would be deployed in all 3,000 Gaupalika (village council).
Agricultural inputs and seeds have been distributed in quake-affected eight districts, the Ministry said.
Likewise, a total of 119,532 metric tonnes of chemical fertiliser and 711 metric tonnes of organic fertiliser as well as 4,454 metric tonnes of improved seeds have been distributed so far.
On the occasion, Agricultural Development Minister Haribol Gajurel said that implementation of the Ministry’s commitments were slightly delayed due to India’s unofficial blockade and Tarai agitations.
Ministry’s Secretary Uttam Kumar Bhattarai said that preparations were underway to ensure participatory pension to the farmers based on their contributions to further lure the folks in the agriculture sector.

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