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Agriculture – the means to start human civilization cannot be visualize without farmers. We all have seen the effect of general environment making life difficult, of all citizens of this nation where about 60 to 65 percent populationsinvolving in agriculture. We were clear that we cannot imagine life without farmer’spresencebecause farmers are producer who work hard on nature to satisfy other human basic needs like food and supply raw materials for food, fabric& shelter etc. I don’t think a lot of people have realized exactly how important farmers are or how hard they work. Where would they get most of what they eat; if there weren’t any farmers? Very few people in the world grow everything they need by themselves. So, we would like to salute all the farmers for their effort, dedication and hard work by taking responsibility to feed the nation and helping economy to cultivate. sarves

Agriculture can be tool for sustainable and prosperous Nepal if, all market system players work together for common goal with true intentions because Agriculture is our potential and have lots of opportunities in global arena. We need to be smart now learn from global practices, introduce sustainable technology, implement commercialization farming, information search and entrepreneurs thought, focus on quality input and R & D and motivate farmers because their happiness results agriculture sector happiness. Now, Farmers have to know what they are doing. They don’t farm as a hobby. Sure, they love what they do but to make money at it, and that is the point, they have to learn how to grow the right things for their location, know what the public demands, know how to market it well, and keep up with new ideas and procedures. Farming is an ongoing process. Farmers and market actors need to think on effectiveness and need to make right decision and implement effectively.

The poultry farming is one of the major integral parts of Agricultural production system in Nepal, providing draft power, manure and high value animal protein such as Eggs, Meat etc. for the human consumption & development. Talking about livestock farmers, they have a tough time as they had responsibility to feed other animalsand on the other hand, trade their production to market to feedother human being in this energy crisis time – thanks to all core market actors (agro companies , dealers, traders, farmers etc.) for their perseverance, co-operation and understanding to sustain the industry. At the present time, Poultry industry shares around 4% to the total GDP. Now industry has become one of the major contributors to the economy in terms of GDP contribution, employment generation, increment in annual consumption patterns over the years. Today, poultry production has become one of the most rapidly growing enterprises within the reach of the poor, women, marginal farmers and an entrepreneur and has expanded to different parts of the country. On the other hand, considering the trends of urbanization, road access, lack of fertile lands, increasing awareness on nutrition and growing demands for consumer products, it will be safe to assume that poultry sector will constantly grow in a foreseeable future. Poultry is the most sustainable major meat; Eggs are the most sustainable animal protein. But it is not free from problems and challenges.Now time has come poultry farmers and dealers need to think as entrepreneurs, select quality breed of day old chicks from market and balanced nutrition feed with good feed conversion ratio, keep records of their business, maintain good bio-security, maintain technical records and consultation with technical doctors on time besides this they need to share their feedbacks and maintain relationship with all the stakeholders and have pride to say –Proud to be a Farmer!!!

Shreenagar family is working for slogan “Shreenagar is dedicated for the well-being, prosperity, and happiness of farmers.”On this note, to provide quality products and services company has become first integrated agribusiness of Nepal to get ISO certification.ISO certification is based on quality management principles including strong customer focus, motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement and review. The goal is to assure customers receive consistently high quality products and services. Shreenagar is committed to providing the highest quality DOC, FEED, Technical and management services and Golden Products. Being ISO certified means our customers can have confidence that Shreenagar is committed to quality and outstanding customer service.- SarveshMainali, Business Development Manager, Shreenagar Agro Farm

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