आइतवार, मंसिर २४, २०८०

Sugarcane farmers in protest movement

krishilogoParasi, Nov 30: The sugarcane farmers in Nawalparasi district have started a protest movement stopping supply of sugarcane to the sugar mills. The farmers resorted to this measure demanding that the sugar mills first pay them the remaining amount owed them. The four big sugar mills in the district have not yet paid last year’s dues to the farmers. It is said the mills owe the farmers millions of rupees for the sugarcane they purchased from them since the past few years.

As per the data provided by the Sugarcane Producers’ Association, the big mills in the district, namely, the Indira, Lumbini and Bagmati Sugar Mills have paid only Rs 300 million to the farmers whereas they owe them one billion rupees. Sugarcane production in the district last year was Rs 2.2 million. Sugarcane is grown in about 10 thousand bighas of land in Nawalparasi district.

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