बिहिबार, बैशाख ६, २०८१

Involvement of criminals in fertilizer, betel nuts import to be discouraged

haribol gajurelPanitanki (Morang), Nov 24: Minister for Agriculture Development, Haribol Gajurel, has said that a concrete plan would be formulated and implemented for the development of agro sector. Minister Gajurel also said that the involvement of criminal elements in the sector would be discouraged.

At a news conference organised by the Revolutionary Journalists’ Association, Morang, at Biratnagar today, he said that priority for the development of export-oriented agri production would be given by discouraging the mafia-influence taking place in the import of fertilizer and betel nuts. Stating that Nepali people have not committed any crime by promulgating a new and progressive constitution themselves, Minister Gajurel said that no comprise should be done with anyone on the issue of national sovereignty.

प्रकाशित मिति: मङ्लबार, मंसिर ८, २०७२