बिहिबार, फाल्गुन १७, २०८०

Organic fertilizer industry begins commercial production

Kathmandu, Nov. 15: The Kanchan Organic Fertilizer Industry in Jhalari Pipaladi municipality of Kanchanpur has begun commercial production with full capacity.

The industry was established at the total cost of Rs. 4.45 million including 50 per cent grant from the Soil Management Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The industry has been using local raw materials including dry leaves, urban waste, green fodder, chicken excreta, industrial waste among others, according to Proprietor of the industry Chudamani Joshi.

The industry has already sold 6 metric tons of organic fertilizer in a week of its operation. The industry has been selling its product at Rs. 10 per kg, as determined by the government for the farmers.

The annual production capacity of the industry is 7200 metric tons. The increase in use of organic fertilizer is expected to help produce chemical fertilizer free agro products and also increase the fertility of the soil.

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