बुधबार, जेष्ठ १६, २०८१

Less rainfall affects paddy plantation

Biratnagar, July 27: Lack of sufficient rainfall for long has affected paddy seedling plantation in Morang district. The district has recorded less rainfall so far in this rainy season, making the farmers further worried as 40 per cent of the farm is left for paddy plantation. It is said that the paddy plants have dried up in the farm due to insufficient rain for almost two weeks. Even the farmers having access to Sunsari-Morang Irrigation Project have complained lack of sufficient water for paddy plantation at the bottom of the project’s catchment area.

Over 50 per cent farmers rely on rainfall for paddy plantation in Morang. So far, paddy plantation is done only in 60 per cent of in the district, according to Chief of Morang District Agriculture Development Office Rajendra Upreti. “Chances are high for lower outputs this year if current situation continues for a week as paddy seedlings have started to dry up in different areas,” Upreti said.

प्रकाशित मिति: सोमवार, साउन ११, २०७२