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 Krishi Weekly are  stepping  towards Fourth  year

July, I feel like as if it was just yesterday that we have started publishing the first weekly Agriculture newspaper, though it was formally started in 2069 Shrawan 4th. The journey of fulfilling the commitment that we had set related to agricultural sectors has completed its 3 successful years and now it’s stepping towards 4th year.The decision itself was challenging to start publishing the newspaper with the complete agricultural content and matter of establishment among the crowd of thousand newspapers  was much beyond the imagination.We felt  very difficult in publishing  our first edition as our newspaper has different track than most of  other Nepalse newspaper which have political coverage. Owning a lot of difficulties while preparing for the first edition our team has even thought doubt regarding its continuity. It was terribly difficult on accumulating the contents  to fill  the eight pages, we had even knocked the doors of the agricultural experts of our country to have ingredients for our newspaper. Similarly, we had a monotonous scheduled to roam around the Ministry of Agriculture Development in search of contents. Those days were really difficult one. We even experienced the attempt of harassment  towards our approach from various persons and authorities when we were at their doors in search of materials to publish.

Our mission for favoring  the farmers always made us busy throughout the week and it became our routine. Five members of our team always set the direction towards five directions to fulfill our commitment towards our readers. We even thought of giving up as it was hard to resist the unfruitful load and torture. We were frequently sadden by the comment and attitude of the renowned agricultural experts of this nation while requesting for articles. We were more hurt when we heard their remarks that agriculture related newspaper doesn’t worth any value. We were even pinched by the one with whom we expect enthusiasm and appreciation.  Setting little journey we were habituated to ignore such attitude and made ourself more strong and determined to move further and raise the height of the  newspaper. We could hardly forget the contribution made by the joint secretary Mr. Yogendra Kumar Karki of Ministry of Agriculture  for his promise to provide us a single article in a week  for at least one year, it did count more than million dollars in our beginning days.

Our newspaper slowly maintained its pace with the content like weekly agricultural activities, success stories of farmers, the problem that has to face with the farmers, the necessary and useful information related to agriculture and farmers. We could hardly express the twist and turns of our journey , we even had to indulge in theintentional  blame associated with the Ministry of Agriculture Development and other related bodies by different group and people.We don’t have option rather than to listen it with our one ear and make it out with the other one.Such disgraceful attempts never weaken our determination and commitment .Instead of defencing  ourself towards weightless blames   and arguments  we set our path towards farmer field at different districts .We listen the farmers view regarding the scarcity of fertilizer, seeds, pesticides , insecticides ,market and many more and convey the exact message to concern authorized bodies  in the form of news.We are more pipelined towards our mission at this stage. We equally praise for the good attempts carried by the Ministry of Agriculture and different agricultural related sectors  and we leave no stone of words  to throw against any abuse and unauthorized activities.  With this  attribute we have earned the respect and trust from our readers and farmers, which has definitely increased our responsibilities towards them and the nation. We will always stand in favor of farmers and development of agricultural sectors.

On this auspicious occasion of celebrating our completion of third successful year we would like to thank each and every individual who stand upon our sides.Special thanks go to advertize provider, writer, column writer, reader and all associates  without whom this three year journey couldn’t imagine.At last but not the least I would kindly like to recite the name of my colleague  respectfully  who  have been supporting  from that very beginning days,  Tanka Bahadur Adhikari, Yogendra Pratap Shai, Shiva Pandey and Bishnu Lal Shrestha.

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