बिहिबार, फाल्गुन १७, २०८०

Call for making the agro-service centres effective


Morang, Feb 6: Locals in Morang districts have called for making the agro-service centres in Morang district effective. The people concerned have complained that the services provided from the four permanent and three temporary agro-service centres in the district were not satisfactory due to lack of physical infrastructure, necessary personnel and lack of sufficient budget. There are seven centres in Bahuni, Urlabari, Beltari, Rangeli, Katahari, Jhorahat, and Tankisinawari in the district but local farmers are not satisfied with the services provided from the centres.
The centres are supposed to help farmers by providing reports on the condition of the agriculture products, exhibit the products organizing agricultural fairs, advise about the technology and pest management. But the officials at the centres rarely stay in the centres and if they present in the centres they show their indifference to the service citing lack of regular monitoring and resources. The farmers do not visit the centres as they failed to provide effective services, said Suresh Karki, a local farmer. The officials mostly remain absent in the centres making various excuses such as for training, seminars and showing their works in the district based Agriculture Development Office, he added. Meanwhile, Rajendra Upreti, Chief at the Agriculture Development Office also accepted that the service centres have failed to provide services as expected. The office has communicated to the line Ministry to manage necessary human resource and budget, he added.

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