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HIMALI project invests Rs 56.8 million in Jumla

Jumla, Feb 5: The High Mountain Agribusiness Livelihood Improvement (HIMALI) Project has invested Rs 56.8 million through different 23 commercial projects since 2013/014 in Jumla district. The project is taken in different 10 high Himalayan districts including Jumla with an objective to increase the income and bring changes in the livelihood of the poor living in the high Himalayan districts.
The project has been working in Jumla District by forming different 32-sub-projects, said Ram Chandra Adhikari of the Himali Project Agriculture Enterprises Centre, Jumla. The project has been collecting proposals from the sub-projects in over 11 VDCs in the district for investing in apple farming and other agricultural activities, including livestock farming and herbs plantation, he added. Adhikari said around 139 persons have registered for commercial plan showing their interest for the projects so far.

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