बिहिबार, फाल्गुन १७, २०८०

Sindhupalchowk Likely to See Rise in Coffee Production 

Melamchi, Dec 30: Sindhupalchowk is likely to see a rise in coffee output this year compared to the last year. This year, coffee cultivation covers 154 hectares of land across the district and its production is estimated to go up, according to the District Agricultural Development Office. The office data shows that farmers are being attracted to organic coffee cultivation gradually.  The district produced twenty-five tonnes dried coffee and four thousands kilogrammes of cherry coffee last year. The production is likely to jump by 15 per cent this year.Commercial coffee cultivation is done in 32 villages in the district and over 625 households are involved in this, office technical assistant Nawaraj Thapa said. Organic coffee exported from the Sindhu village was recognised for its quality in the international market two years ago and since then the village exports the produce to Japan, Germany, Korea and other European countries.

Farmers here have formed a District Coffee Cooperative to promote their business and for its sustainability. Sangachowk, Ichok, Yamunadanda and Mankha villagers have adopted commercial coffee cultivation. They bring in over Rs 10 million from the sale of their produce every year, the Cooperative said. It has over 2,150 members.It may be noted that earlier the government, recognizing the Sindhupalchowk coffee for its best quality, announced to develop the district into a pocket area for coffee production through the Cabinet meeting.

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