आइतवार, फाल्गुन २०, २०८०

Rice production to come down this year

Kathmandu, Oct. 13: Rice production is expected to come down this year as rice transplantation could not be done in various parts of the country in time. In the last fiscal year 2070- 71 BS, some, 9,562,718 metric tonnes of all kinds of food grains had been produced. Of it, rice production was 5,047, 047 mt and 900,000 mt of rice was imported. According to the Ministry of Agriculture Development, only 91 percent rice transplantation has been completed this year. This was due to lack of rain in time. Main food crops of Nepal are rice, maize, millet, wheat, barley and buck wheat. Ministry Spokesman Udayachandra Thakur said some 9,562, 718 mt of summer and winter crops were produced in the last fiscal year. He said all production can not be available for consumption as seeds, processing losses, and husks and animal feed are deducted.

            In the past, Nepal had food grains surplus and it was 408,000 mt in the fiscal year 2069-70 BS. But it is decreasing every year with the increase in population.Director of Agriculture Development Project Dr. Yogendra Karki said Nepal which exported food grains until a few years ago is now foreign dependent, which is a shameful situation and this should be addressed in time. Krishi Weekly

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