आइतवार, फाल्गुन २०, २०८०

500,000 income from agro entrepreneurship

Baglung, Oct. 7: Manoj Thapa of Bhakunde- 2 in Baglung district had no other option than to go abroad for earning some day. But as time passed by, his change of thinking has now made him a successful entrepreneur in the village.Shunning the dream to go abroad for job, he took up commercial agriculture and has started making enough income from it. He had started poultry, pig rearing and vegetable farming five years ago on his own efforts. Now, he has invested more than Rs. 700,000 in it. “I am now fully satisfied in my works. I have been earning at home what could be earned in foreign country and suggest friends not to go abroad for jobs,” he says.

            He makes more than Rs. 40,000 per month by deducting all expenses. From it, he makes Rs. 500,000 annually. He has now 1200 chickens of different varieties including broiler, and six pigs. He also makes good income from potato and other vegetable farming in five ropanis of land. He sells them in the village and Baglung district headquarters. He had taken Rs. 200,000 loan from the Small Farmers Cooperatives and Rs. 100,000 from CYC Saving and Credit Cooperative.The Federation of Community Forestry Users Baglung and LIBIRD Project also assisted him. krishi weekly

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