सोमवार, साउन २६, २०७७

Outdated Pesticides at Ilam Agro Vets

Ilam, Sept. 16: The shops dealing in agriculture and veterinary items at Ilam bazaar have been found selling seeds and pesticides from the same place. It was revealed after the district pesticide management committee monitored the veterinary and agricultural shops on Monday. As a rule, the owner of such shops can not sell both seeds and medicine from a single store. The Krishi Seeds Store, Ma Durga Agrovet Centre and Ilam Agro-vet were also keeping the outdated medicines and dealing in without license.

The outdated pesticides must be destroyed, so, one needs to return the date expired medicines immediately within a month, said senior Agriculture Extension Officer, Prakash Kumar Dangi.He also warned the shops to abide by the directive, otherwise face action. –Krishi Weekly

प्रकाशित मिति: मङ्लबार, भदौ ३१, २०७१