From investment of Rs 1,000 to property of millions

Beni (Myagdi), Dec 28 : Chandra Bahadur Karki of Beni municipality-2, Khabara in Myagdi has emerged a millionaire from small-scale vegetable farming. Now he has become a successful entrepreneur earning a property of over Rs 10 millions from a meagre investment of Rs 1000 in veggie business.
Karki had adopted the small-scale profession with commitment declining the opportunity to go abroad and become a job holder. Involved in the agriculture profession at the age of 18, Karki now is popular as a model farmer and well-recognized social reformer through this profession.
“I had started veggie farming when I was just 18”, he said, adding that, “At the moment I had several offers to go overseas and involve in a regular job. But I started farming by ignoring both the offers. Now time has proved that I did very good decision at the moment”.
He shared that he has been earning monthly more than Rs 1.2 million from agriculture profession. He also sells milk daily and has run two groceries, one in village and another in Mangalaghat of Beni. Proudly he shared that, “The agro profession which I started with Rs 1000 has made me the owner of properties of millions”. “I feel very happy to play with mud and toil in the soil. The hard work I put here has brought me to this stage”, he further noted.